About Talent Identification System in Sports TISS

The TISS has been developed for detecting sporting talent in children at an early age. Furthermore, the system can identify talent in four different sports: athletics, basketball, gymnastics and wrestling in the age group of 9 to 16 years. The system has been designed to identify talent in different sports based on specific characteristics as well as genetic parameters. In each sport, specific characteristics included specific fitness parameters required for that sport. These parameters have been identified by developing models based on empirical data endorsed by reputed coaches. Models based on genetic characteristics were developed by using those dermatoglyphic variables that do not change once they are formed at the foetal age. In each sport, genetic models involved ridge-counts of different fingers of the elite athletes. The system can be used by the sports organizations and clubs who identify and train the athletes in athletics, basketball, gymnastics and wrestling. By using the system, the report of each subject about his/her prospective potential in any sport can be generated on a seven-point scale along with numerical scoring. This can be used as a benchmark in screening the talent in the sport while admitting in the academy/centre for further training.