Patent received from Govt. of India for developing FitnessWatch(A Fitness Assessment and Monitoring System). FitnessWatch is a Fitness Assessment and Management System for the School going children and youth in the country.  The end result of the system is the generation of fitness reports, prescription of customized fitness schedule based on present status and provision of comparative evaluation of fitness level after following the schedule. This system has been validated by the Lakshmibai National University of Physical Education under the grant of the Govt. of India and has been declared fit for implementation in the schools of India and Abroad.

The FitnessWatch is a comprehensive fitness assessment and monitoring system for school going children and youth. This is a unique system in the world in which health related fitness has been evaluated by means of single index system using statistical model. The system generates the tailor-made computerized sheets pertaining to fitness status, problem areas and fitness prescription based on present status of an individual. This encourages an individual to be in the healthy fitness zone all the time. Besides this, ‘FitnessWatch’ generates the comparative analysis sheet of fitness status at two different time periods after following the schedule for each individual.
‘FitnessWatch’ provides enough motivation to an individual in maintaining healthy body by assessing their fitness status by means of total fitness score, possible effects of their problem areas and a modular exercise prescription in different age groups. Total fitness score explains overall fitness status of an individual. It is not merely an average of the scores on all the fitness parameters; but has been computed by means of a statistical model assigning different weights to each of the health related parameters. The reports on possible consequences due to different levels of fitness zone on each of the parameters makes an individual realize the importance of improving his/her fitness level on different parameters.
Everybody is encouraged to reach the healthy fitness zone and maintain it for all the  parameters and thus experience the maximum productivity of the body.
FitnessWatch is not merely a fitness monitoring system but also encourages regular physical activity, making it very enjoyable. Besides testing fitness status, it helps an individual to continue the exercise program as a lifetime pursuit.

Advantages of FitnessWatch Implementation
One of the main advantages of FitnessWatch, is its easy administration and flexible fitness prescription schedule for different age groups. Fitness prescription has been provided in a modular fashion, that is, if you are comfortable with the schedule given in your prescription sheet; you can also supplement the exercise set to the existing one as per the given guidelines in the manual. Further, intensity of the workout is also designed in a modular fashion. If you are not comfortable with the prescribed intensity of workout, you can either switch to lower or higher intensity workout as per your physical and physiological abilities.
‘FitnessWatch’ has been designed to suit a majority of population with a view to encourage them to maintain healthy lifestyle for enhancing their productivity level. Since, this system is applicable for the masses; it focuses on such parameters that are useful for carrying out day-to-day activities more energetically leaving scope for surplus energy to meet the leisure time activities at the end of the day.
Importance of FitnessWatch for a Nation
Level of fitness status of the people in a country is the sign of its productivity, so is true in case of school as well. Since ‘FitnessWatch’ provides Total Fitness Score of the school it gives an idea about overall fitness status of the children in the school. Implementing ‘FitnessWatch’ in schools provides long-term view rather than testing, as it is helpful in generating the awareness of exercise program among the students.  School administration can use these consolidated fitness reports in their school documents to let the people know about the fitness status of school children as a result of the fitness programme.
At present, many countries do not have their national fitness standards for the children and youth in different age categories. Even if they do have, it is mostly focused on skill related fitness, which is useful for sports persons only and not for every individual. In this way FitnessWatch has a wider scope at grass root level as it is based on health related fitness parameters like cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility as well as fat percentage. FitnessWatch takes care of those dimensions of fitness, which are essential for improving the fitness status of everyone in leading a healthy and more productive lifestyle.
An argument can be given that if standards of various health related parameters have been developed for any country why it can’t be used for other countries. It is because of the facts that Fat percentage and Flexibility are race specific and therefore every country must develop its own standards for different health related parameters for different age and sex categories. The techniques used in the FitnessWatch can be used to develop such standards for any country.