Complimentary Research Workshop

In order to popularize the use of correct research methods, research designs and appropriate statistical techniques in research studies Institute/Department/organization may ask for complimentary research workshop/seminar for their research scholars and faculty. The complimentary workshop may be of 2 to 3 hours duration. The longer period workshop may be organized if requested. The topic of the workshop may be anyone or more from the below mentioned list:

Topic of Workshop/Seminar

  1. Understanding Nature of Research Data with SPSS
  2. Understanding Basic Statistical Designs Applicable in Experimental Research
  3. Considerations in Framing Experimental Study
  4. Understanding Factorial design in CRD and RBD and their solution with SPSS
  5. Understanding Testing of Hypothesis
  6. Sample size determination and power analysis in hypothesis testing experiment
  7. Presentation on ANCOVA with SPSS
  8. Presentation on Discriminant Analysis with SPSS
  9. Presentation on Logistic Regression with SPSS
  10. Presentation on Regression Analysis with SPSS
  11. Presentation on Questionnaire Development with SPSS
  12. Presentation on Repeated Measures Design with SPSS
  13. Presentation on Factor Analysis

Presentation on Non Parametric Analysis